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This case study delves into the remarkable success story of Freshhaat, a leading player in the grocery delivery industry. The brand's primary objective was to increase app installations while simultaneously reducing the Cost Per Install (CPI). By employing Conversion Ads on Google and Facebook, Freshhaat not only achieved a 50% reduction in CPI but also witnessed exponential growth in app installations. Most notably, a remarkable 20% of these installations seamlessly transitioned into customers, placing their first orders. The campaign's triumph was attributed to its meticulous use of Lookalike, Custom, and Detailed Targeting audiences, which helped reach the precise target user base while diverting customers from competitors.

Campaign Objectives:

Increase app installations for Freshhaat's grocery delivery application.

Achieve a 50% reduction in Cost Per Install (CPI).

Grow the customer base by encouraging first orders from app users.

Campaign Strategy:

1. Conversion-Centric Approach: The campaign prioritized conversions by placing a strong emphasis on transforming app installations into paying customers.

2. Audience Targeting: Freshhaat's campaign harnessed a variety of audience targeting techniques to ensure the precision of their outreach.

Lookalike Audiences: Freshhaat identified and targeted users who closely resembled their existing high-value customers. This approach increased the likelihood of converting app installs into customers.

Custom Audiences: The brand tapped into their existing customer data to re-engage with past customers and nurture their loyalty.
Detailed Targeting: Freshhaat meticulously fine-tuned their audience criteria to reach individuals with specific grocery shopping habits and preferences.

Competitor Audience Cutting: By targeting users who had shown interest in competitors' apps and services, Freshhaat aimed to divert potential customers to their platform.

3. Ad Creatives and Messaging: Engaging ad creatives and messaging were crafted to highlight Freshhaat's unique selling points, focusing on convenience, variety, and quality, to encourage app installations and first-time orders.


The campaign delivered remarkable outcomes:

1. 50% Reduction in CPI: Freshhaat successfully reduced the Cost Per Install by 50%, making their app installations more cost-efficient.

2. Exponential App Installations: The campaign led to an exponential increase in app installations, expanding Freshhaat's user base significantly.

3. High Conversion Rates: An impressive 20% of app installations translated into customers who placed their first orders, demonstrating the campaign's ability to convert installations into actual revenue.

Conclusion: Freshhaat's success in driving app installations and conversions through Conversion Ads on Google and Facebook serves as a testament to the effectiveness of a well-crafted multichannel strategy. By prioritizing conversions, leveraging advanced audience targeting, and delivering compelling messaging, the brand not only achieved a 50% reduction in CPI but also significantly increased their customer base. This case study provides valuable insights for companies in the grocery delivery industry and similar sectors looking to optimize their app-based customer acquisition strategies.

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